Welcome ‘Redheads, to the 100th installment of this collection of corny chronicles. Sure, 100 blogs may not seem like alot in the grand blog scheme, but keep in mind that my compulsive procrastination and complete lack of follow-thru should’ve doomed this little exercise about 90 installments ago. With 100 in the bag, I think it’s time to start a new chapter…or lengthen the run-on sentence. You’ll notice, just below the hit counter, that I’ve sold out. Hopefully, I can squeeze a couple dimes out of this thing over the next 100 installments. I’ve got a pack of Ramen noodles that I’ve got my eye on. Enough with the shameless plea for spare change. Let’s take one down, pass it around, and get on with the business of #100…which is coming to you one hour sooner, thanks to daylight savings time.
Let’s get the math out of the way and figure out just how many of you still check in on this thing. The formula is (# of hits3 x # of installments since the counter was put in…to account for the number of times I check it)/ the number of installments since the counter was put in. That comes to:

(9000 – 225)/75 = 117
It’s good to see that the amount of potential readers does actually outnumber the installments. Just think, in 17 more posts, you can each have the kind of 1 on 1 attention that is normally not seen outside of nursing home patients and the severely retarded. You’re special. I’m hoping that the eventual completion of (any day now) will give the readership a goose…or a cornish hen…or something.
A big thanks to the DC Improv for opening the doors of the brand new DC Improv Comedy Lounge to Danny Rouhier, Jon Mumma, and myself for it’s first local stand-up showcase. And thanks to the people who sold out the show and packed it just shy of fire code violation. Granted, it only holds 60 people, but the atmosphere was intimate and made for contagious laughter and Danny, Jon, and I should’ve been quarantined. After the show, we were approached by a couple people who told us they chose to come to our show instead of the main room show, with Pablo Francisco. Others just got sold out of that show and decided to laugh at us instead. Either way, it was a cool night.
It wasn’t all sunshine and lollipops, however. Just before the show got started, we learned that Richard Jeni shot himself. Yeesh. Apparently, while his girlfriend was making breakfast, he remembered how he liked his brains…scrambled (I am going straight to hell).

Thanks for reading the first 100 blogs. Here’s to 100 more…or at least one.

To be continued…