Hey there, ‘Redheads… I hope everyone found a way to keep warm over the weekend. Man it’s cold. It’s like Antarctica cold. Nanook couldn’t take this kind of cold. It’s toughest on the homeless, though I haven’t seen any garbage can fires. I hope they realize, for the environment’s sake, it’s much more responsible to set fire to a recycling bin. ***The more you know

I huddled up with some friends in front of a glowing movie theater screen at midnight on Saturday to let Aliens soothe my shivers like a cup of hot cocoa. My girlfriend could not understand why I was spending $10 to see a movie that I own on DVD. I’ve seen it more times than I can count. It’s on my iPod. I could do a one man show of nothing but Aliens quotes. That’s not the point. Never pass up an opportunity to see a classic flick on the big screen. Speaking of which, Airplane! is coming back to theaters for two days next week, 1/29 @ 12:30pm and 2/1 @ 7pm, at select AMC theaters. Do yourself a favor and spill a couple popcorn kernels in the aisle for Leslie Nielsen.

I finally fine tuned my powers of prognostication and picked a peck of pickled playoff peppers with the Packers and Pittsburgh. After going 2-2 the first two rounds, I managed to go 2-0 this weekend. The question is, will you still need me, will you still feed me, when I’m 6-4? Both games were pretty entertaining to watch. The Pack went through Chicago quarterbacks like kleenex and good luck getting the image of B.J. Raji’s touchdown celebration dance out of your head. When he gyrated his yellow spandex clad ham hocks, he damn near affected the tides. In the other game, apparently, the Jets’ flight got delayed until halftime, because that’s when they decided to show up and play. They almost came back, but then Ben Roethlisberger did what he does best and forced his way to victory. I’ve got a new nickname for Mark Sanchez. Sisyphus. Sanchez is cursed to push Rex Ryan up a hill, only to watch him roll back down. By the way, thanks to Jim Nance for saying , “Roethlisberger pulled out early” on a fumbled snap. They won’t show that highlight on Sports Center.

Some sad news this morning as fitness pioneer Jack LaLanne died at the age of 96. The irony is, if I went to the gym today, I’d come back feeling like a 96 year old man. According to his wishes, he’ll be juiced.

Over the weekend, the real time action flick, Nick of Time came up in conversation. While it wasn’t a great flick, it contains one of the better cinematic Christopher Walken moments of all time. I’ll leave you with that and two other classics for your viewing pleasure…

See you Tuesday…