Nestle Your Ears Between Two Sterns!

Have you checked out the hottest podcast by two comedians named Jared Stern? We kicked it off in January of 2021 as an exploration of a budding friendship of a pair of comedians who share so much more than just a name. It’s a buddy comedy that you should be putting in your ears on a weekly basis. We’re 40ish episodes in (as of 11/23/21), so give us a binge and get in on the ground floor of this fun trip.

2nd Best of DC


Not sure how it happened, but the Washington City Paper Best Of DC 2020 winners were announced, and I somehow got 2nd Place for Best Performance Artist. In a year when nobody can perform, THAT’S WHEN I SHINE.

Ever since they eliminated my previous winning-ish categories of Best Comedian and Best Twitter Personality, I was never quite sure about trying to take a stab at Best Performance Artist, because good lord does that sound pretentious, but here we are. I wouldn’t dare call my performances “art.” A very still life, maybe.

So, thank you to anyone that had a hand in this. I am undeserving, but my ego always enjoys sipping accolade. Shout out to my fellow runner-up, Christylez Bacon, and the winner, Killa Cal.