No NFL Make Fans Something Something

Hey there, ‘Redheads… I’m a solutions oriented guy. I hate hearing that two sides of a major issue are at an impasse. The impending NFL lockout looms over the sports world as fans brace themselves for potential missed games next season. Sure, the big sticking point for the players is the 18 game season that the owners are trying to push through at the expense of player health. All big issues. You know what the fans care about? Having to watch bowling because football isn’t on. Having to spend time doing chores and shopping with significant others. Having to actually do work because our fantasy football teams are playing golf. Having to resort to gambling on the WNBA (take the under, btw). Productivity will skyrocket. Fresh air consumption will go through the roof. Couch cushions will retain their original shape. The collateral damage will be tremendous. In order to avert this potential catastrophe, I offer a simple solution that will offer a suitable alternative to the fans in the NFL’s absence. Something to keep us locked in during the lockout. Two words: Televised Madden. Why not? The graphics already look damn near real life…

Get a player representative from each team, or a lucky fan, to take the controller from week to week and play out the season. You could even turn off the commentary (but it’s Gus Johnson, so why would you?) and have the respective network broadcast teams call the games. Don’t act like you wouldn’t watch. It’d be a better quality product than the UFL. Or they could always televise the Puppy Regular Season. I’m just spitballing here. Let’s just hope it doesn’t come to this. Get your poop in a group, NFL. The Redskins have horrible decisions to make and I have a fantasy football crown to defend.

See you Thursday.