In the Cards

Hey there, ‘Redheads… It’s a slow news day here in the tiny pocket of cyberspace that this blog occupies. I’m happy to report that I’ve finally gotten new business cards. Previously, I had none of your goddamn business cards, but those weren’t the best networking tool. I like these new ones. It will set me apart from roughly half of the cheap comedian crowd, who all have the same showbiz card design from, with the old school microphone and the flowing red curtain. The design is sharp, clean, and professional looking, which means I don’t have to try to be any of those things. The card will represent me in fishbowls and garbage cans all over DC. I actually always wanted to have business cards like Clooney had in Ocean’s 11. Just had “Danny Ocean” written on them. He was so cool, that was all the information you needed. I’m not quite there yet. Hopefully, these’ll help drum up some business. If you print them, they will come. Or something.

Y’know who’s going to need new business cards? The putz who nodded off in the air traffic control tower at Reagan the other night. That’s the last time they have Wear Your Snuggie to Work Day. I can just imagine what went on in the planes that had to land while this guy was drooling into the crook of his arm. “This is your captain speaking. We’re about to begin our descent into Reagan National Airport. Please fasten your seat belts. And if those of you with a window seat could take a look outside and let me know if you see anything get too close, that’d be a big help.” I’m shocked the cabin didn’t depressurize from every passenger’s butt simultaneously puckering. They better have waived the checked bag fee or given them a voucher for a stiff drink once they got on the ground. To make sure this doesn’t happen again, they’ve put an extra guy on duty in the tower for the midnight to 5 am shift. The second guy is there to poke the first guy. Fool proof.

See you Friday.