J/B/P/T-A-DAY IN MAY 9: Feelin’ Fine..

Hey there ‘Redheads… It’s Friday night and I’m at home…blogging…in my underwear. The question is, who needs more help? Me for writing that or you for reading it. I was out and about earlier today, finishing up my Mother’s Day shopping. I was at White Flint Mall and I saw a sign of the economic quagmire (giggity-giggity) the country is in. Sharper Image is going out of business. The whole place, down to the fixtures, was for sale for 80% off. There were slim pickings left over: a Star Wars poker chip set, a glow in the dark dog leash, an exercise contraption inspired by the Spanish Inquisition meant to reduce love handles. It’s a wonder a purveyor of such necessities was going under. I did pick up something cool, though. A gaming chair that has speakers and a sub-woofer built in, for a more intense experience of sitting on your ass and getting carpal tunnel. The original asking price was $180. I got it for $40.

A quick note about my current consecutive blog streak. Unfortunately, it’s going to stop at nine. I’m going up to Philly to visit my sister and nephew for Mother’s Day. My computer access will be limited at best and I’ll be happily distracted playing peek-a-boo and got-your-nose with the Mo-meister. So, in the meantime, feel free to look back over the first bit of bloggage and hit me up with any comments, candor, constructive criticism, or anything else that starts with “c” (it’s good enough for me). I’ll double things up on Sunday to pick up the slack and get this exercise in self-importance back on track. Just nod and smile…groovy.

So, time for number nine, oh so fine, of JOKE/BIT/PREMISE/TAG-A-DAY IN MAY
Sticking with the theme of economic free fall…

The economy is pretty bad right now, but it can get much worse. I can’t wait to see a show like The Price Is Right in a couple years. There’s one of your leading economic indicators. It’s already a great way to track unemployment. Just look at the ratings. The more people out of work, the more people at home at 11:00 cheering the price of dish soap. But the real fun starts when the economy truly collapses. You’ll see Drew Carey up there, “What’s the bid on this $100 bill?” A peso and ten yen, Drew. Or, “What’s the bid on this BRAND NEW CAR?” TWO CANS OF SOUP!! Instead of new cars, they’ll just wheel out the full gas tanks.

Again, a fun jumping off point…any thoughts? Beuller?

See ya Sunday…