Hey there ‘Redheads… Just a quick installment to freshen things up. First, thanks to everyone who voted for my digital self in that YouTube TurboTax contest. Unfortunately, I don’t think it got me to the next stage of the competition. C’est la vie.

Tonight through Sunday, you can come support me live and in person at the DC Improv. I’m hosting the week’s slate of shows with headliner, Ian Bagg. Thumb your nose at Mother Nature and come enjoy some comedy and burritos in a dark basement. Click the link for tix and info.

If you don’t have plans for Friday night. One of the finest funk virtuosos on the planet is in town at the State Theatre. Do yourself a favor and check out Victor Wooten as he slaps is electric bass silly. Here’s a small sample of him on el quatro stringendo solo basso profundo de electronique

And it’s not often I tell you to check out an SNL sketch, but this one tickled me as a drifted to sleep in my Hanover, PA hotel room. You have to have seen There Will Be Blood for it to be funny…just sayin‘ is all…

See you at the Improv

To be continued…