Hey there, ‘Redheads… I’m getting the blog out of the way early today because I’m pretty sure my brainbox will be completely congested with pollen by the end of the day. My head feels like it’s in geosynchronous orbit with my body. Every breath has to labor through a cloud of the crap that’s in my lungs. I’m tempted to cram a dustbuster up my nose, flip the switch to high, and suck out the offending particles, and if some brain matter goes with it, so be it. Anyway, I’ve got some random crap to tide you over until I can unclog things. Basically, whatever comes up in the lottery popper of my brain is coming out here. And away we go…

Bacon is a meat shrinky dink.

I’m fascinated by the recent viral videos of babies laughing at various things landing those babies on morning shows. Like this one…

Sure, babies are cute and you have to be an inhuman monster to not at least smile when they laugh, but there’s no reason to make YouTube celebrities out of these kids. It’s not fair for their 15 minutes to be up before they can even walk. Besides, they don’t know what their laughing at. I’d like to make one of these videos with a baby laughing at a TV, then have the camera pan around to show that it’s laughing at 2 Girls, 1 Cup.

As I drive around the DC area, I see signs that indicate three levels of traffic enforcement. There’s “Traffic Photo Enforced,” “Traffic Radar Enforced,” and “Traffic Strictly Enforced.” With the first two, you know what your getting, either a camera or a speed trap nearby. But what are you getting with “strictly enforced”? I picture a cop with a disappointed look sternly wagging his finger as you drive by. And if you do get pulled over, “Sir, please turn off your car and hand me the keys. You’re in time out. You can have these back once you’ve learned your lesson.”

See you Wednesday.