We’re Special!

On September 5th, myself and Robert Mac will transcend the audio comedy realm to record half-hour comedy specials for a soon-to-be-launched video streaming network! You can be there too! Click the pic for tick…ets.


Welcome to the NEW JaredStern.com! Wipe your feet.

Check out my recently rearranged corner of the internet! This is your one-stop repository of all things Jared Stern, recently referred to by a British radio host who had no idea who he was talking to as, “One of America’s leading comedians”. Plan your life around my upcoming shows, follow me on social media, or enjoy a video clip of my comedy stylings. Click away!

Desperate times…

Oy vey ‘Redheads… It’s Day 29 of Blog-A-Day in May and things are bleak. Once again, the laptop I brought with me has shit the bed as far as wireless connection. So, I’m typing this on my phone… I’ve come too far to let this slide now. Please take this time to scroll down and enjoy any installment you may’ve missed, while I try to get things rectified.

‘Til then…