Streak Free Sheen

Hey there, ‘Redheads… The circus is in town, as Charlie Sheen’s Violent Tirade Of Drug Addled Catchphrases Tour has wrecked its train in DC tonight. It’s been roughly three weeks since he concocted this tour and the novelty of Sheen’s ramblings have worn off. We’re all coming to the realization that Charlie is no Gary Busey. I host a trivia night in DC on Tuesday nights and a couple people in the bar were pre-gaming before the show tonight. They said that the start time had been pushed back an hour to 9pm because Charlie had to be at a custody hearing in L.A. today. It’s 10:45 right now. I’ve got five bucks that says the show hasn’t started yet. When he does finally hit the stage, there’s only a couple things that I think will hold the attention of the gawking masses. Either he juices a live tiger, then does a keg stand over the carcass, or he does a staged reading of Major League. Otherwise, people will make their way to the ticket counter and demand loudly, “Refunding!”

Apparently, Charlie’s whack-job antics have rubbed off on other celebrities recently. Nicolas Cage was recently arrested for disturbing the peace at a tattoo parlor in New Orleans. That’s so unlike him. Really, I’m shocked that Nicolas Cage would do such a thing…

See you Wednesday.