Hey gang. I had the day off from work today after helping to manage two massive events for the trivia company I work for, District Trivia. I don’t know if I’ve mentioned that before in the blog, but I write trivia questions for a living. We’ve been holding a four month long city-wide trivia tournament which culminated on Tuesday and Wednesday, giving away cash prizes totaling $6500. Not bad for answering the ridiculous questions that germinate in my noggin.

Bar trivia tends to attract an odd cross-section of humanity. People who aren’t typically social go to a bar and compete with Asperger’s level intensity over the tangential minutiae that infests the brains of most thirty-somethings like if Hoarder’s did a cross-over episode with I Love the 80’s. So basically I facilitate the social lives of nerds. That’s not fair to classify all of our players like that, it’s just one end of the spectrum, but the one’s that made it to the Tournament Finals might as well have been anthropomorphic cerebral cortexes. Anyway, they’re smart the way LeBron James can dribble a basketball and when their intellect is challenged, they like to argue. One of the bonus questions was, “Who is the only Muppet to appear on the cover of Sports Illustrated?” I had more than a few people try to argue that Big Bird, which is the correct answer, is not a Muppet. I counter-argued that these people are soulless monsters.

A good time was had by all, but it was a stressful undertaking by the entire staff and I’m glad it’s in our rear view mirror. If you’re interested in trivia, you should check out one of our 25+ in the DMV area. Follow the link above for all the info.

I’m not sure what else I wanted to cover in this installment. I’m slowly but surely getting back into regular comedic activities. I had a fun time headlining the show over at Benny’s Bar & Grill on the mean streets of Potomac, MD. I’ve got a show tomorrow night at a country club in Avondale, PA on Friday. I’ve been trying to pepper in some new material at these gigs, but my brain is so hard wired with my current routine that when I try to shake things up, the needle skips a groove.

I’ll leave you with this very cool conversation between Rainn Wilson and the late Harold Ramis. It’s ten minutes well spent. Enjoy…

Trivial Pursuits

Hey there, ‘Redheads… I’m beat. I’ve got very little in me to blog about right now and I could curl up on the floor and fall asleep, I’m so tired.

There’s one reader out there that I’ll get no sympathy from, and that’s my buddy Nick, who, pending confirmation, just smashed the world record for Longest Quizmaster Marathon. He stayed up 34 hours to do it, asking a question a minute. I was there for five of those hours last night to help out with scoring. I’ll tell you what the biggest issue was for me in that time, so I can only imagine what it was like for the people who went the whole way, was swamp ass. You have to pace yourself and make sure you air things out every half hour or so. My favorite moment from last night, after the question was asked, “Who was the oldest of the Marx Brothers?”, I overheard a member of one of the teams wonder aloud, “Was Steve a Marx Brother?” Maybe I was just giddy, but I laughed about that for awhile. The winning team, El Guapo, took home a cool $1000 in ones. That’s making it rain money. I just got off the phone with Nick, and he told me that after 34 hours, the winning score came down to just seven points. Very cool. Congrats to everyone involved.

See you Wednesday.