Hump Night

Greetings from the year 5766. Yes, Jews control the media…and the future.

Ah…Wednesday night at Wiseacre’s. 19 comics. 19 audience members. Those two groups were NOT mutually exclusive. That Venn Diagram is one circle. But this is the anatomy of the open mic. Feast or famine. Tonight could’ve been sponsored for 85 cents a day. The show was still a hoot. I hope people start to realize that after Lost, the MLB Playoffs, the NHL, Apprentice: Martha Stewart, Nanny 911, thumb-twiddling, and staring contests, open-mic comedy is a viable entertainment option. While you were sitting on your duff, trying to find something remotely amusing about The George Lopez Show, you missed out on one of the funniest new comics on the DC scene. Her name is Alicia Gomes. I finally got a chance to see my fellow Sketchup alum strut her stand-up stuff, and goddamn she’s good. She’s only in town for another couple months before she heads to NY…do yourself a favor and take in a set.

In other news, Nicholas Cage just had a bouncing baby boy. Good for him. He named the kid Kal-El. For all you non-dorks out there, that’s Superman’s Kryptonian name. After the doctor cut the cord, Nick wrapped the kid in a blanket and shot his cradle into space. Thanks to Mr. Cage for giving me the courage to name my first-born son Zod.

Tomorrow I embark on a two day tour of Saint Mary’s, PA and Harrisonburg, VA. With gas prices being what they are, I’ll have mortgaged my future by the time I get home. It’s my blog. I don’t have to make sense.

To be continued…

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