So Happy It’s Tuesday

Welcome back, loyal reader/s (I’m gonna install a counter on this thing, so I can see if it’s possible to have a negative readership…take that any way you like)…

Ok, so I’m watching the 2005 Radio Music Awards…not so much watching as using it as background noise whilst I tempt carpal tunnel with typing this blog. They’re going through the amazing cavalcade of stars that will be on the show…


Ricky Martin

Snoop Dogg

The Pussycat Dolls

George Wendt

GEORGE WENDT? Fuckin’ Norm? What the hell is he doing within 500 yards of 2005? Just further reinforcement of what kind of a complete fustercluck of a business radio is. Playlists about as diverse as an OCD’s to do list (Wash hands. Wash hands. Wash hands. Touch the doorknob 5 times. Wash hands.) and on-air jocks who push the envelope about as far as I can push George Wendt…not far, people. I treasure the short time I spent in morning radio, but it put 30lbs on me and took about 5 years off my life…oh, and a small sliver of my soul.

I was watching late night TV yesterday and saw an ad for some online school. There, you can “train online to be a crime scene investigator.” Now, why would I turn to the internet for such training, when all the info I need is available on CBS? Hell, Blue’s Clues is pretty intense…I’m sure that, a Where’s Waldo book, and Playskool’s My First DNA Collection Kit is enough to jumpstart a quality career in…obstructing justice. Maybe you can find out who killed George Wendt’s career. Save your tuition money is all I’m sayin’.

What else is going on… I gotta wrangle some New Year’s plans and fast. It’s creeping up with a ninja-like quickness, and I’d like to be in the company of a couple acquaintances that could be forgot when they wheel out Dick Clark to drop the ball on ’05. Hopefully something will pan out.

Tune in next time for this blog’s year end wrap up, where I do my best to remember what the hell I did this year and try to quantify how much you should care…

To be continued…

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