Back in the Saddle

Shiny as the day it came off the Chrysler assembly line, my Liberty is back in its rightful place in front of Stately Stern Manor. It’s freshly detailed and the engine purrs like a kitten…with emphysema. This is about the nicest it’s looked since I drove it home from the dealership. I’m thinking if I can get it stolen every one or two months, I can keep it looking tip-top. I’m very happy to have it back…just in time to drive it 7 1/2 hours to Buffalo, NY for a gig at the Comix Cafe. The schlep should take the truck’s glistening black gloss and turn it to a hazy off-dirt finish. Between the rock salt and the road grime, I’ll be driving a Jackson Pollock painting home. The next step will be to increase security. I’m torn between the smaller Club or the larger Rotweiler. I’ll probably go with the Club because it’s more of a set-it-and-forget-it tool…and it won’t shit in my truck.

I’m looking forward to the trip to Buffalo. Sure, Buffalo in January has the potential to turn this trek into a Donner Party tribute, but the town has other things going for it. It’s a stone’s throw from Niagara Falls (…slowly, I turn) and one of my favorite foods comes from there: the Buffalo wing. I plan to consume alot of spicy chicken and bleu cheese during my stay. Buffalo, stock up on wet-naps. Whenever you’re in a town that has something named for it, you gotta try it… though, if you’re ever in Cleveland, avoid the steamers…just sayin’ is all.

So if any of you ‘Red Heads find yourselves in western upstate NY (maybe you’re heading to Canada to try some Canada Dry), come check me out at the Comix Cafe with Buffalonian, Blane Kelly. And yes, I called you ‘Red Heads. If a fan club ever forms, I figure my minions will need a catchy moniker…something the newspapers can latch onto when the FBI raids the compound. Hey, this blog is up to the 700’s in readership…I know that really only amounts to 15 or 20 regular readers (or me hitting the refresh button 699 times), but ya gotta start somewhere. I’m the poster boy for delusions of grandeur…the poster is HUGE.

To be continued…

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