Greetings from beyond Charm City, ‘Redheads… I had a blast working the assembly line at the Baltimore Comedy Factory this past weekend. Many thanks to Chip, Allison, Jeff, and all of the five alarm hotties on the waitstaff for a kick ass weekend (btw, if you see Crystal, giver her a hug…she had a rough Saturday night). I had the distinct pleasure of working with fellow DC mirth-maker, Jay Hastings. Together, we opened for a comedy phenomenon…Angel Salazar.
You may know Angel from his film resume, which includes Scarface, Carlito’s Way, and Punchline. What you’ve seen on screen ain’t nothin’ compared to seeing him live. If you’d like a small glimpse of the spectacle he puts on, pop a copy of Seinfeld’s Comedian in and skip to track 7 where Jerry goes to Caroline’s. Angel is on stage when he gets there.
Gentle reader, I’m here to tell you, if there’s ever a nuclear attack, hide under Angel Salazar. The man is BOMB PROOF. How so, you ask? By answering the single most important question in comedy with a resounding YES. Not, “Did the material make the audience think?” or, “Did the show have a social message?”, but “Was the audience entertained?”…you bet your sweet bippy they were…in fact, I see your sweet bippy, and raise you your ass. They laughed, they cheered, they clamored for more…some came back to see him again. They ate him up with a spoon, licked both sides, then asked if they could lick the bowl. Why? The phrases were catchy, the types were in stereo, and the denominators were low and common. He had music, props, and more costume changes than the walk-in closet at the Hall of Justice. There was no mental heavy lifting involved at all, but he put on a SHOW. He was king of the stage and the crowd were his willing subjects.
In comedy circles, it’s fashionable to consider an act like his to be second-rate for its pandering or somehow cheapening the craft, but in the end, it is the alcohol-fueled masses who have the final say… Sorry about that…lapsed into a Jerry Springer Final Thought there. Anywho, do yourself a favor, and sheck him out the next time he’s in town.

By the way, I’d like to let you all know that my title of Puzzle Samurai stands, unflinching against all challenges… I may be one step shy of Ninja

When somebody asks you if you’re a god, you say YES!

I must say, 24 continues to exceed expectations this season. It has also exceeded its quota of obscure 80’s movie characters. First Soul Man, then Buckaroo Banzai/RoboCop, now, also from RoboCop, this guy…

Mmmmmmmm…evil chunky salsa.

I’m holding out hope that final hour features the ultimate showdown: Jack Bauer vs. ED-209…one of ’ems gotta DROP THE GUN first. Speaking of 24… You know where this is going… Go check out GUYS WATCHING 24 (conveniently linked to your right).

Local DC comedy fans, help bid a fond farewell to Topaz on Thursday night. May another Curt Shackleford room rise in its place.

To be continued…

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