End of Daze

‘Redheads, I have my Mondays back. The one show I’ve made it a point to sit down and watch for 20+ weeks, has finally wound to a close.
It’ll be 2007 before we find out what happens to the “baddest white man on the planet,” Jack Bauer. My fellow GUYS WATCHING 24 co-stars, Danny Rouhier and Chris White, have already done a fine job re-capping the finale in their blogs (conveniently linked to your right). Long story short, Jack is on a boat to China. They’ll search high and low to find him. Ain’t nothin gonna break-a their stride. Ain’t nothin’ gonna slow them down. Whoa whoa. There are a few other things that I’d like to address…
First, Henderson, RoboCop, Buckaroo Banzai, whatever the hell you want to call him, is alive. If they wanted him dead, Jack would’ve put two in his skull. I think this was Jack making good on the deal. How did Jack disappear originally? He made people think he was dead. Right now, Christopher Henderson is believed to be dead… And must let the world think he is dead, until he can find some way to control the raging spirit that dwells within him…

Jack, don’t make me angry…

Second, this will be a great opportunity to bring in another marquee agent. Stop screaming, BLASPHEMY! When 24 first got started, it seemed beyond the realm of suspended disbelief that they could keep having 24 hours worth of near-apocalyptic crap happen to one guy over and over again. At the time, Jack Bauer wasn’t the archetypical badass he is today. This was Keifer Sutherland’s first decent success in quite awhile…why not plug another actor in to shoulder the day-long load? Sure, that seems preposterous now, but with Jack being raked over the dim sum bar (whatever the Chinese are doing to him, it can’t be any worse than what he’s already endured on the show… he hasn’t slept, eaten, or shat in five days), this could be a chance to bring in a new agent. Who? Michael Keaton. His career could use a boost, and he can match Jack in intensity any 24 hours. Just a thought.


Over the weekend, I did a show at the Bethesda Hyatt. It was a dynamite line-up. DC comedy’s Rat Pack (Ryan Conner, Rory Scovel, Danny Rouhier, and Jon Mumma… I won’t assign the actual counterparts…because who really wants to be Joey Bishop?) and yours truly. It was a who’s who of “who the hell are these guys?” For $5, it was a comedy value on par with finding a ten cent Guinness pints happy hour special. It was yet another quality Curt Shackleford production. For those of you who are new to the DC comedy scene, when it comes to open mics, Curt Shackleford is the Monopoly Guy. He took four houses on N St. and turned it into the Topaz Hotel. Do yourself a favor, pass go and check out one of his rooms. The night was also made much more entertaining because Jay Hastings looked like this the entire night…

Rides are a dollar…

After the show, I got a chance to hang out with Jon Mumma and his wife, Amy. A nicer pair you’d be hard pressed to find. Amy is as supportive as Jon is funny, and they’re both genuinely cool people (I’ve officially filled this blog’s Mumma-slurping requirement). We rapped about the state of the comedy union and how DC is enjoying a boom of enterprising and talented young comics. Very Up With People.

Before I shut this blog down for the evening, I wanted to address the controversy that is surrounding The DaVinci Code. The Church is up in arms over what the book charges about Jesus and it has mounted a full defensive counter-strike to try to zap the surrounding hype. Correct me if I’m wrong, but The DaVinci Code is a work of fiction, right? Fiction – a literary work whose content is produced by the imagination and is not necessarily based on fact. So, what’s the big deal? It’s not like Dan Brown made some outrageous claim, like God wrote the book… Methinks the Church protests too much. Look, I’m just a Jew without an alibi, but if you’re afraid people are going to have their faith shaken by every new book that comes off the shelf, then maybe you should hire some new writers. Besides, everything I’ve heard about the movie is that it stinks. So, all they succeeded in doing was drumming up more interest for a crappy movie.
If you want a good DaVinci movie, check out Hudson Hawk. One of the best bad movies ever made. All the DaVincial mystery and intrigue with none of the heavy-handed biblical nonsense to drag it down.

To be continued…

One thought on “End of Daze

  1. Kudos on seeing the fake death plot.. I agree, but not only is Henderson alive, I submit that he will be key next season in saving Jack. Jack hadnt formulated the entrie plan yet had he? The quick plot switch from evil to good meant the audience really responed to Henderson’s character. Thats one of the coolest things about the show, the writers get feedback from episode to episode and change the plot accordingly, Id simply be shocked if Henderson isnt back.Also, did you realize that Keifer signed a 3 yr deal as producer not as an actor, could the series continue with a new hero? next season might give a new star a chance to rise as Jack fades.


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