Hidden Gems

‘Redheads, please don’t judge stand-up comedy by what you see on Last Comic Standing. I have the show on in the background as I type this. If I knew nothing else about stand-up except the apparent under-developed reconnaissance photo that this dreck is, I’d rank it just below birthday clowning on the ol’ respect-o-meter. We’re better than this. At least, I hope to hell that I am.

I hope all of you had a fine Father’s Day. My parents and I traveled to Philly to visit my sister and her husband. We got the fam-damn-ly together for a cookout and a Fudgy the Whale cake. I haven’t spent much time in Philly, so it was cool to get a chance to take a stroll through the historic area and down South St. It was HOT. It was very interesting to see everyone in the city making their own…gravy. Here’s a fun faux paz I heard on the radio on the drive up… Hey, Happy Father’s Day everybody. Now here’s Eric Clapton with Tears in Heaven. Great way to commemorate the day for dads…by playing a song that a guy wrote for his 4-year old son that fell out a window. That ranks right up there with when I heard Metallica’s Fade to Black and Shinedown’s (Staring Down the Barrel of a) 45 played back to back. You know some depressed teen took that as a sign.

Now, on to the title of this blog. In this day and age of easy access and instant gratification, it’s easy to focus just on what you already like and maybe overlook an underexposed hidden gem. If you’re a fan of music, bargains, and just plain cool shit, then I highly recommend you check out Joe’s Record Paradise. When I was in high school, and knew jack squat about music, I would sift through the wide selection at Joe’s and choose the CD with the coolest cover art. This was the first one that caught my eye…

No, I’ll put YOUR eye out…

This is The Bogeymen’s There Is No Such Thing As. It was the only album they ever record. No one has ever heard of these guys. It’s one of my favorite albums. I found myself back at Joe’s a couple days ago, and thought I’d give my old system a whirl. This grabbed my attention’s ass (look carefully)…

Stare at it long enough and you’ll see a sailboat.

Treephort’s Use Your Illusion III. A fun little punk record that’s over before you can get tired of it. I think all six tracks ran about 17 minutes. But that’s 17 minutes more than the real GnR has done in the last 15 years.

Because I have to get up an hour early for work tomorrow, there will be no new update to the joke-a-day in June this time. My sloth is getting the better of me…I’m a couple days behind… Ok. 5. I’ll have a whole mess of pithy one-liners in the next installment. In the meantime, here’s some homework for you. Go see my buddies Chris White and Danny Rouhier over at the DC Improv this week w/Adam Ferrara. Or go see my buddy Rob Maher up at the Baltimore Comedy Factory w/Jim Florentine. And for extra credit… I have some laundry that needs folding.

To be continued…

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