North, Miss Tessmocker…Due North

Hey there, ‘Redheads… My head is swimming in a haze of snot right now. I’m doing my darndest to evict whatever leased out space in my sinuses. It’s messing with the plumbing, apparently. Two tablets of Tussin are on the job. I’ve got a road trip coming up that I’d rather not be sick for. We’ll get to that in a bit. I just wanted to let you know what I go through to get this blog to you.
I hope you had a fun, non-confrontational, Thanksgiving. Mine was both of those. I went up to Philly to spend time with the big ball of cute that is my nephew. Turkey was had. Football was watched. Pretty much par for the course. I’m proud of myself for not shoveling too much into my head hole. Maybe if I crammed another helping of mashed potatoes in there, there wouldn’t be room for this cold.
On Saturday, I went back to my old ‘hood for a party for my buddy Richard, who was able to pass the bar (so, hooray for AA). He’s the guy in charge of upkeep for, which has been stagnant while he was in law school. He promises it’ll be back up and current soon…he better, or I’ll sue his ass…I like my chances.

I’m looking forward to a couple things that’re swiftly approaching. First, which you may’ve noticed from the title, is tomorrow’s release of the Superman 14 DVD boxed set. Upside: it includes the new movie, Superman Returns, and a brand new cut of one of my favorite movies, Superman II. Oh yeah…Kneel before Zod. This includes all of the footage that was left on the cutting room floor when the original director, Richard Donner, was fired more than halfway through filming. This version gets to the action quicker and does away with needless fluff. The movie’s climactic battle in the streets of New York is still one of the best comic book fights on film…still holds up nearly 30 years later. I can’t wait to see what the new version looks like. Hopefully it’ll settle some unresolved issues…

Downside: it includes Superman IV: The Quest For Peace…hey, they can’t all be winners.

In keeping with the theme of the title, the second thing I’m looking forward to is shuffling off to Buffalo on Thursday for a slate of shows at the Comix Cafe. I had a great time last time I was there. I plan to feast on many a sauced chicken appendage. I also have some unfinished business with the Seneca Indian tribe. They have $100 of mine that I’d like to reclaim. Here’s hoping I can play a better game of poker than I did last time (I yelled out “go fish”…not good). A full recap of my Buffalonian exploits will be here next time.

With time passing as quickly as it is, I can’t wait for the return of the longest day of the year, 24. FOX is showing the promos, and they take me to a happy place. My Mondays are yours, Jack. I’ve reinforced the edge of my seat, so it’ll last the whole season. Look for a new installment of Guys Watching 24…it may not be there, but at least it’ll drive up the hit count for the current one.

Your comedy homework is due tomorrow night. At the DC Improv, a group of DC’s finest comics will be assembled to strut their stuff for some suits from Comedy Central. This could be a big break for them, and the chances of that increase with a larger crowd in attendance. Go support. Despite not making the list, I’ll be there to live vicariously through my comedy brethren. However, I will be ready for action, in case one of them happens to get Nancy Kerriganed outside the club before showtime. It’s a night of big dreams, is all I’m saying. I could sum it up best with one of my favorite exchanges from Superman II

ZOD: What do you want?
LUTHOR: General, the world is a big place. Thank goodness, my needs are small. As it turns out, I have this affinity for…beach front property.
ZOD: What do you want?
LUTHOR: Australia!

To be continued…

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