The Amazing Rando

Hey there ‘Redheads… I figured since I was out of action, due to revoltin’ technology, I’d give you a super extra happy bonus installment to slake your thirst for random, me-centered blather. Drink up. Speaking of me-centered, take a gander at this…

It’s all still in the development phase, but is finally on it’s way to respectability. Those of you who’ve been to that dried husk of a website, know that it’s an embarrassing waste of virtual space. There are Amish dairy-farmers with better websites. It has been left to rot, while I moved my internet dealings over to MySpace. With a new year comes rebirth, so hopefully the new site will be ready for ‘Redhead perusal soon. Big thanks to Chris White for helping me with my computer illiteracy…and for making the pictures of me nice and big.

This is one of my favorite times of the year. I’d say it was my favorite season, but apparently we don’t have seasons anymore…it was 72 degrees in DC last week. 72 degrees…in January. There are bears throwing alarm clocks against cave walls all over the area. The cherry blossoms came out. I think this year’s Farmer’s Almanac is a goddamn Mad-Lib. Nature is getting fucked with, and that can’t be good. I digress (it’s what I do…it’s my gift…my curse). A few of my favorite things are on a collision course this month…
–Playoff Football: Of all the pro leagues, the NFL has the shortest season…a mere 16 weeks. They also have the best playoffs…no 7-game series…one shot…loser takes his ball and goes home. The playoffs deserve an amped up viewing atmosphere, so I gave a call to Eagles super-fan, Jon Mumma, and we headed to Rhino Bar, a Philadelphian Embassy in the heart of Georgetown. Kickoff was at 4:00…we got there at 3:30…the place was a pit of screaming green. Jon and I waded through a din of E-A-G-L-E-S chants and wall-to-wall McNabb jerseys. We settled into a spot at the back of the bar, with a pair of tvs viewable with mild neck discomfort. I don’t know why Eagles fans get such a bad rap…the group that we were hanging out with were a swell bunch. Every defensive stand, every score, and every dead Giants fan was celebrated with a flurry of hand-bruising high-fives and throat-searing cheers. A great way to cap off the football weekend. The other games on the weekend slate were pretty frickin’ sweet too. The Colts held the Chefs (great googily moogily) to 0 first downs in the first half. Equal to the amount of first downs that I had in the first half. A greater sense of accomplishment you’d be hard pressed to find. The Pats smacked down the Jets and Tony Romo finished up his Twilight Zone episode of a season with the twist being that he kinda sucks. Can’t wait for this weekend.
–Terps Basketball: The team looks poised for a great season. The entitled head cases from last season are gone, and there’s a fresh bunch of hungry, talented youngsters in their place. Sure, they’ve got two early ACC losses, but the salve for that sting is that Duke does too. Duke losing means everybody wins.
–Girl Scout cookies: Two words. Thin Mints. I look forward to many a minty poo.
–24: The longest bestest day of the year. We rejoin our hero, Jack Bauer, 18 months after being captured by…General Tso. Somehow, he’ll go from orange glazed, bearded Chinese water torture victim to clean cut, ever-ready, ass kicking machine. A couple predictions for this season. 1) RoboCop will be back (I’ve got $10 on the table that says so…any takers?). 2) Chloe will be the next CTU staff member to either become a mole or fall prey to whatever impending doom that faces the world. Shooting for GUYS WATCHING 24 II is currently scheduled for next Sunday…watch for it.

2007 is kicking off nicely. Need more proof?
NEW YORK – The left wing of a plane backing out of a gate at JFK International Airport clipped the tail of another plane on the taxiway, authorities said. The Air China flight to Beijing had 215 passengers and 23 crew members on board when its wing hit an empty Delta Air Lines jet.
No one was injured, but the pilot was cited for unlawful perpetuation of a stereotype.

Enjoy your weekend.

To be continued…

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