Blogado Gigante 3

Hey there ‘Redheads… Welcome to the third Blogado Gigante, where I try to cram roughly 6 1/2 pounds of crap into this 5 pound bag I call a blog. This one’ll be chock full of derring do, funny video, and even a few words strung together into coherent sentences (only the best for you). This will probably be the last B.O.U.S. (blog of unusual size) for a little while, mostly because the well of interesting things, where most blog-worthy items are kept (constantly rubbing the lotion on their skin…), is looking kind of dry for the remainder of June. Savor this bucket, is all I’m sayin‘. Anyway, now that the obligatory excusions are out of the way…on to the fiesta.

First of all, a hearty congratulations to my comedy compatriot, Chris White, on his network television debut on last night’s premiere episode of NBC’s Last Comic Standing. They gave him some boku freckled face time in the NY segment. Not only did they feature his audition, but he was given a couple behind-the-scenes confessional moments too. If you didn’t catch the show, fear not, they’re rerunning it Sunday night at 9:00…and, like any NBC reality show, it’ll be running on a friggin‘ loop on Bravo between Kathy Griffin specials and Inside the Actors Studio. First NBC’s Last Comic StandingHBO’s Real Sex can’t be far behind. It’s been cool to see some locals on a national stage. Rory Scovel recently rocked Comedy Central’s Live at Gotham. And, you can see Danny Rouhier in theaters everywhere this weekend as The Human Torch in Fantastic Four 2: Rise of the Silver Surfer

Good talk, Doom.

So, on Sunday, I checked another item off my 100 Things To Do Before I Die list… I hang-glid…hang-glode…hang-glidded…strapped myself to a kite at 2500 feet (I’ll learn how to conjugate it at some point). Sweet buttery Jesus, was it fun. Exhilarating…like, Sprite commercial refreshing. Now, when I signed up for this little excursion, my knowledge of the activity was pretty basic…hold on to this big-ass paper airplane and jump off a cliff. Luckily, there’s a bit more to it than that, including a sleeping bag-like safety harness. I was also wrong about how to start gliding. Instead of jumping off a precipice, you get towed by a mini-plane. It’s as cool as it sounds. Unfortunately, the on-board cameras were on the fritz, so I didn’t get any in-flight pics, but here’s a look at the prep for take-off and after the landing…

Turn and cough.

Believe it or not, it’s just me…sing along.

Yes, I’m the putz who wears a Superman shirt hang gliding.

Damn…I left my keys up there.

It was a 15 or so minute flight, complete with a lesson in steering (which is surprisingly easy). I recommend this to everybody. It’s seven kinds of awesome. Do yourself a favor and check out the guys at Highland Aerosports, you won’t regret it.

On Saturday, I made a reluctant return to a venue I played about three years ago, when I was first dipping my toe into the bitter cold lake of road comicry. It’s a one-nighter on the outskirts of Baltimore in Brooklyn, MD. When I did this gig last time, I was a jittery MC who was out of his depth when faced with a crowd who wasn’t exactly into subtlety. It was a freakin‘ mouth-breathers convention…a 10 minute long turdburger of a set as my punchlines flew over their heads and splatted on the back wall. So, when I got the call to go back as the middle act, I didn’t relish the idea of hitting the potential 30 minute turd buffet that lay ahead. When I got there, I surveyed the room, a quaint little hall, seating about 100 folk. Upon first inspection, they seemed like they had a good collective head on their shoulders. My bewilderment was slowly subsiding, but I still kept my expectations limbo-champion low. Then I got a chance to meet the other comics on the bill, Ray Culver, Joe Fulton, and the headliner, Johnny Watson. As we made small talk, I found that he was in the same mind set that I was, ending every other exchange with the phrase, “Well, we’ll see how they are…” The show started and the MC got things off to an expected tepid start, mostly because he was focusing less on material and more on engaging people in conversation. He finished well, and then handed things off to me. Whatever I was expecting was flipped on its ear in a Twilight Zone ending of a reversal. These people were great. They laughed at everything, from the excremental to the semantic, with zeal. And not only were they a fun crowd, but they bought 7 CDs. Goes to show you never can tell…just do your act and have fun.

Like most of you, I like me weird sports names. The best example being offensive tackle, D’Brickashaw Ferguson of the NY Jets. Well, I found a new gem in the world of baseball. Boof Bonser. I think he’s a pitcher for Cleveland. Boof. Five bucks says this dude is Australian. The same people who brought you Yahoo Serious. He’s onomatopoeia. Apparently, his parents were fans of the 60’s Batman TV show. Just ask his sister, Kazowie.


Before I close up the blog shop, here are a couple moving pictures for your retinal pleasure…
This first one is for the Monty Python fans out there. This is a brilliant premise for a video prank. The set-up is included in the video, but it’s an ingenious reversal of fortune against those Nigerian scam artists that pollute the internet. Check it out…

The second is the latest video collaboration with the aforementioned Chris White (our other vids are conveniently linked to your right). It involves a first date and an in-dash navigation system…a sure-fire comedy combo. Trust me, it’s funny…and short. Please to be hitting the left click and enjoying Good Directions

To be continued…

2 thoughts on “Blogado Gigante 3

  1. Wow…I’ve always wanted to hang-glide. I didn’t realize you could do it…erm…with a buddy. And you got to be on top, too! Loved your description of the ‘mouth-breather’ crowd…it evokes quite the visual 🙂 Thanks for be-blogging us.


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