Okay ‘Redheads… As promised, today starts JOKE/BIT/PREMISE/TAG-A-DAY IN MAY. Taking a jackhammer to my writer’s block and passing it off as blog content. No promises on quality. This is about frequency and quantity. I’ll sift through the crap and pan for gold afterward. Any feedback is appreciated. And away we go…

People always complain about getting cut off in traffic. Yeah, it’s annoying, but can someone explain to me why the car that always cuts me off is the one with the Jesus fish on the bumper? I know you’re looking forward to life in the hereafter, but let’s stop trying to take me with you. They figure they’ve already been forgiven, so they treat it like a blank check for being an asshole. If you’re born again, that’s great, but I think you should have to wait 16 more years to get your driver’s license…

Maybe I can tack that on to my “How Would Jesus Drive?” bumper sticker joke…

See ya tomorrow…

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