Toe Tappin’ Fun

Hey hey, ‘Redheads… July has been a lean month for bloggage. The big Vegas blog in the last installment doesn’t make up for a month of slackitude. Which is why it’s time for another stab at stunt blogging to try to rebuild readership (back to 3). By the time you read this, it’ll be…Blogust. Please, contain yourselves. I wanted to sneak in one last installment before those festivities begin. So, here are a couple quick hits to get the blog rolling…

For those of you rabid ‘Redheads who have been itching to hop in a VW bus and follow me like Phish, I give you my upcoming schedule. Thankfully, the comedy stars have aligned and I’ve strung together enough dates to make it worth your (and my) while…

Blogust 15th @ The Bottle Factory in Salisbury, MD
Blogust 29th & 30th @ The Comedy Zone in Harrisburg, PA
Sept. 5th & 6th @ The Comedy Zone in Greensboro, NC
Sept. 7th @ The Comedy Zone in Fayetteville, NC
Sept. 11th – 13th @ The Baltimore Comedy Factory…guess where.
Sept. 18th – 20th @ The Funny Farm in Youngstown, OH

Slap that on a t-shirt. Then print up a bunch of ’em for me, would ya? That’d be great. You might’ve noticed that the upcoming DC Comedy Fest is not on that calendar. There’ve been some rumblings among the DC comedy community about the make-up of the Fest. I’ve given up on letting contest/festival rejection stick in my craw. I’ve coated my craw in teflon, so the no-thank-yous just slide off now. That being said, a big thanks to the fine chaps at Top Shelf for putting together a slate of shows filled to the brim with all the local talent the DC Comedy Fest left out.

I’d also like to thank them for including me…and for only charging me $34. Hopefully, despite being on the Top Shelf, enough people will be able to reach us… Not sure where on said shelf I am just yet…stay tuned.

Here’s some new ear candy for you to suck on…

Instructions: 1) Click ’em. 2) Rock out.

See ya in Blogust…

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