Meet The New Boss

Greetings from the other side of history, ‘Redheads… On Tuesday, the country had an election lasting longer than four hours…time to consult a physician. Mercifully, this political dust-up is over and we no longer have to hear about mavericks, message approvals, or any of that other crap that was cluttering our lives. I was enjoying how desperate McCain’s attack ads were by the last days of the campaign. I saw one that said, “You wouldn’t want a surgeon to operate on you with no previous experience, would you?” Well, no, but I also wouldn’t want one who was 73, couldn’t move his arms, and who’s nurse didn’t know Africa was a continent, either.

Now it’s done and, hopefully, we’ve picked the right guy for the job. Truth is we won’t know for awhile. His election is inspirational and historic, but I hope people don’t think this movie we’re living in is going to suddenly go from black and white to technicolor once he steps into office. Sure, the Democrats dropped a house on the Wicked Witch of the West Wing, but that house had been foreclosed on months ago, and the Lollipop Guild is laying off thousands of workers despite the high-pitched protests. The one thing we do know is that he seems to have the courage, the heart, and the brains to get us back on track. I’m pretty proud of that extended metaphor…I even synced it up with Pink Floyd’s Dark Side of the Moon.

We have a responsibility to uphold now too. By “we” I mean comedians. Listen up guys and gals. For years, we’ve fallen back on the stale stereotypical premise of “What if the President was black?” Well, now he is, so I’m calling for a moratorium on such hackery. We can do better.

Better than He’ll paint the White House black…
No, he won’t.
Better than He’ll put spinners on the motorcade…
No, he won’t.
Better than He’ll pardon a bucket of chicken on Thanksgiving…
No, he won’t.

Let’s rise above that level of Mencian twaddle and find some real reasons to mock Barack. Yes we can.

Ok, enough of the politicking…for now. If you’d like to hear some more, though, you could come check out the show at the Montgomery Drafthouse on Saturday. I’m opening for Daily Show writer, Adam Lowitt. This venue is shiny and new and could use you support. Tickets are only $10…a paltry sum for some high-minded hilarity.

To be continued…

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