Oh Nine, So Fine

Hey there ‘Redheads… Happy 2009 to ye. Some of you may just be coming out of the groggy haze of your New Year’s Eve hangover…welcome. My eve was low key and low cost…dinner with friends and hopped to a couple different house parties. No cover charges, no wading through a sea of drunks, and no silly hats. Also, I wasn’t in front of a TV until the final countdown and, for some reason, the broadcast of choice was CNN, so I didn’t have to see stroked out Dick Clark awkwardly mumble his way through the end of the year. There was more time to party this year, and I’m not referring to the extra leap second that we were afforded. It was so cold, time slowed down. As I walked to the second party of the evening, my resolution was to make it to ’09 with an even number of ears.

So, we’re a week into the new year and I’m doing what I can to start things off on a good note. I spent the day off cleaning out my apartment…out with the old crap to make room for…new crap. My primary hope for this year is that I can cobble out a calendar of gigs that’ll resemble that of a professional comedian. To that end, allow me to suggest you spend the first weekend of the year laughing in my general direction. I’ll be featuring at one of my favorite clubs, the Baltimore Comedy Factory, this weekend. Three nights, seven shows, and DRINKS ARE ON ME…you heard me. You pay for the laughs and you can grease your collective skids gratis. Simply print out this coupon…

Click the link for tix and info. See you in Charm City…

I’ve got a couple other things I want to cover, but they’ll wait ’til the next installment.

To be continued…

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