And Now, These Messages…

Hey there ‘Redheads… It’s Day 7 of Blog-A-Day in May and I’ve decided to dump the number-related titles. The blog is corny enough without having to try. So, the big news of the day is the 50 game suspension of LA Dodger, Manny Ramirez for performance enhancing drugs. Considering I don’t care about baseball already, the loss of one of it’s most compelling players isn’t going to affect me much. With all of the big name players on the juice, I think ESPN should just combine their coverage of MLB and World’s Strongest Man. I know I’d tune in if the players had to drag a Cessna around the bases with their teeth after a hit.

We’ll be right back after these messages…

…and we’re back.

So, we’re a week into this thing, and I haven’t botched it yet. Remember, last year’s attempt lasted 11 days. For those of you in the Harrisburg, PA area, I’ll be at the Harrisburg Comedy Zone for hilarity-related activities. Click the link for info and details.

See you tomorrow…

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