Mother Load

Hey there, ‘Redheads…  Happy Mother’s Day to that special lady that spawned you.  And Happy Day 10 of Blog-A-Day in May…a greater accomplishment that labor? The jury is out.  We had a couple close calls the last two days.  I plan on picking up the slack on those two anemic posts with a robust, six-pounds-of-shit-in-a-five-pound-bag post.  And away we go…

Big thanks to the fine folks at the Harrisburg Comedy Zone for a fun weekend.  Once again, the Harrisburgers were delicious.  I went up a day early to check out the Thursday open mic that is run by comedy buddy, the hilarious Sonya King.  The show took place in the bar adjacent to the main comedy showroom.  I’ve been pretty lazy about getting out to open mics, and this hammered home why.  Eight comedians, including me…four audience members.  When you can tell each person in the audience their own personal joke, it’s not much fun for anyone.  Everyone soldiered through with a smattering of…I think it takes at least ten hands to count as applause…this was disinterested clappery.  The comics attempted to workshop as much as we could.  It’s rough for the Harrisburg comedy community.  That open mic is pretty much the only game in town for them.  I talked to a couple guys who schlep all the way to DC to get time.

Since I went up a day early, I had the extra day to kill on Friday.  No better was to shoot time in the face than going to the local mall to gawk at the locals and catch a flick.  Some good dork fare out this weekend.  I chose mutants over Klingons and plunked down my money for X-Men Origins: Wolverine. I’ll resist the urge to nitpick the dorky comic book aspects of the film. From what I remember of the comics, the movie didn’t butcher too much. My one major complaint was the waste of Ryan Reynolds. I’ve been a fan of his ever since Van Wilder. I can listen to him read the phone book and I’d be entertained. And once again he was great…for the first ten minutes of the movie, then he was just explained away while took a more prominent role. It’s a good thing his character could teleport, because he certainly couldn’t act his way out of a paper bag. My other big complaint was with the logic of the nefarious General Stryker, who makes Wolverine indestructible, by lacing his bones with a super-metal, then gives orders for his men to kill him…by cutting his head off…with a herring. Yeah, I’m a huge dork.  Two adamantium claws up.
On my way out of the theater, I saw one of the dumbest things to cross my eyes in recent months.  At a kiosk outside the multiplex, a guy was hawking electronic cigarettes…

Want cancer but hate getting judged for it? Then this handy dandy item is for you. They might as well just cut out the middle man and sell rechargeable tumors.

Big week this week.  Not only am I going to see Spinal Tap on Wednesday, I’m back at the DC Improv from Thursday to Sunday with the Roastmaster General, Jeff Ross. Click the link for tix and info.

See ya Monday…

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