Hey there ‘Redheads… Day 17 of Blog-A-Day in May is here and with it, some minor challenges. First, aside from this blog, I’m pretty much incommunicado. My cell phone had been on life support for a couple days, and this morning it took its last gasp and emptied its bowels. Now I have to get a new phone, but I don’t want something that’s essentially a giant whistle with a bell on it, with a monthly bill of a pound of flesh. I just want to be able to text, talk, and take decent pictures with it. In the meantime, I’m training a carrier pigeon. So far, I can get mine to crap in Morse code.

Today, I took part in the Washington Post Hunt, a confounding scavenger hunt through the streets of downtown DC, using clues in the Washington Post magazine to solve puzzles that would give Rube Goldberg a migraine.

The sky was slightly overcast, which is convenient because it took a group of rain men to win the damn thing. My group and I went from puzzle to puzzle, noodling through the clues and we were sure that we figured everything out and that all of the other near 5,000 competitors were retarded…until it came time to fit all the puzzle pieces together and we realized that everyone else was playing Vulcan chess while we were playing tiddly-winks. Once again, hubris, thy name is Jared. Even though we didn’t taste victory, I did manage to snag a picture with one of the Hunt’s organizers and one of my favorite humorists, Dave Barry…

One show to go tonight at the DC Improv with Jeff Ross. The weekend has been amazing thus far. I shot some video last night, so I’ll have something postable tomorrow…and some more pictures.

‘Til then…

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