Hey there ‘Redheads… It’s Day 23 of Blog-A-Day in May, and today’s installment is extra crispy. I hurt. When I was tallying up the BBQs for this weekend, I neglected to include myself on the list. Allow me to explain.

A gaggle of my friends and I trekked up to Sandy Point State Park for a day of fun and sun. I’ve never been a big beach guy. Sand gets everywhere, I don’t much care for the ocean, and the beach itself is littered with hot pointy objects, but I figured it’d be fun with the right company. And it was. We tossed frisbees around, played Yahtzee, and I flew a kite for the first time since I was eight. All the while, the sun beat down. I guess I didn’t apply the sunscreen as liberally as I should’ve (there’s also a theory that the stuff I did put on had expired). You’ve heard of being sun kissed? I got sun molested. My legs, my arms, and the back of my neck are red and stingy. I photosynthesized pain. If you look at the dividing line on my legs from where it goes from pasty to beet red, I look like the crappy part of Neapolitan ice cream. I’ve been slathering myself in aloe to help prevent molting, but I have a funny feeling that, come tomorrow, I’m going to be flakier than a Greek pastry. If you see me, please resist the urge to dip me in drawn butter.

See you Sunday…

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