Hey there ‘Redheads… We’re in the home stretch with Day 25 of Blog-A-Day in May, and I was worried that I wasn’t going to have anything to blog about in this installment. Then something struck me. I went to three BBQs this extended weekend, and there was a baby at all of them…and there was baby news that broke at two of them. That’s a 1 to 1 baby to BBQ ratio. I think it’s grounding to have a baby in close proximity while you’re gorging yourself, because you and the kid share the same baseline thought process. Eat ’til you cry, belch, get sleepy, maybe poop, then repeat step one. I ate myself into a slight stupor, taking breaks only to coat my screaming skin in a thin aloe glaze. All in all, a fun weekend.

As for the baby news, wish a mazel tov in my sister’s general direction. She’s got another bun in the oven…any more buns and she’ll rival the Pillsbury Doughboy. On the plus side, you guys will have some cute baby pictures to coo at by the end of the year. On the minus side, my sister may have to move into a shoe.

I hope you did your part to remember the sacrifices our military men and women have made and continue to make so that we have the freedom to do trivial three-day weekend stuff. Even if it was sitting on your couch watching the NCIS marathon.

See you tomorrow…

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