Hearing Voices

Hey there, ‘Redheads… I’m trying to squeeze in a quick blog under the wire, to keep the streak alive at three. Happy Hump Day to ya. As happy as it can be, considering I did not hit the MegaMillions jackpot last night. Two lucky bastards in Idaho and Washington State now have the gross national product of Bolivia at their disposal. All is not lost, though. Opportunities pop up where you least expect them to. Take this guy, for example…

Thanks to this viral video, that guy, Ted Williams, is getting job offers from all over the world, including the Cleveland Cavaliers, ESPN, and the NFL. I think it’s great. I’m thinking of pitching a tent on the beltway to try to get some voicework, myself. The natural fit for him would be the host of a brand new game show, Homeless People Will Have Talent For Food. It’s funny to me that the media latches on to human interest stories like this. Show them a person that society has literally tossed to the curb with the slightest glint of humanity in their eye and it’s an uplifting story and people should give this man a job. I’m sure the guy selling flowers on the side of the road might be able to juggle. Why not toss him some temp work? Here’s a thought, why don’t we just help these people without asking them to sing “Puttin’ on the Ritz” first.

To be continued…

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