A Moment of Silence

Hey there, ‘Redheads… Welcome back from the weekend. I was going to have my usual blog full of blather and bluster. I was ready to give you a recap of the Oscars and Charlie Sheen’s latest ranting. Unfortunately, fate had other plans. I got kicked in the gut this morning by the news that my friend, high school classmate, and my first college roommate, Adam Lilling, died suddenly yesterday. I’m dumbfounded and devastated. Today was spent corresponding with friends about funeral arrangements and reminiscing about the last time we talked to Adam. It’s tough to come to terms with someone passing in his 30’s, especially when you’re also in your 30’s. No word on a cause of death, but no cause I can think of would make sense anyway.

Adam wrote the closing poem in our high school yearbook for our senior year. I’d like to share that with you…

Eternal Now and Again
Walls crumbling
dictators fallen under their tide
desolate soil nourishes feeble limbs,
yet the leaves turn yellow in autumn
and the sea breeze still stings our face.
Wide-eyed twilight moon, gazing into our tomorrow
sun glares in our eyes as it has for infinite yesterdays
and the trees will grow from the ground.
A world turning steadily ahead in circles
but to us it’s different, not the same reality
always higher or lower – incessantly in flux
Tomorrow beckons.

We’ll miss you, Adam.

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