Hey there, ‘Redheads… I just got back from seeing a creepy little flick called Insidious. I can now cross the first item off of the “Things To Do While The Girlfriend Is Away” list. Do yourself a favor and check this movie out before it fades away into the ether of Netflix. It’s worth checking out in the theater. I say this, despite the fact that I saw it for free. I would’ve been perfectly satisfied parting ways with ten bucks. To describe it in one sentence: Imagine if Sam Raimi directed Poltergeist. In fact, the movie very much reminds me of Raimi’s recent return to the horror genre, Drag Me To Hell. Both films do a great job of taking you on a sonic roller coaster ride. The music and sound cues in the movie really add the extra jolt to the scares. And it does a great job with pacing, drawing you in with hints of a shadowy reflection, then BAM! Demonface. It’s an original twist on the typical haunting/demonic possession stories that are in style right now. No “found footage”. No shaky camera work. Just a well executed premise. My only complaint was that I saw the twist ending coming, but it was still fun to see it play out.

Next on my list is Your Highness, which looks like it might have the chops to be uttered (or rather, exhaled) in the same breath as another Raimi classic, Army of Darkness.

Here’s hoping.

Until then, the balcony is closed. See you Friday.

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