Happy belated Columbus Day… I celebrated with my Cherokee friend, Running Horse. Then I kicked him out of his house and renamed it.

Can’t stay happy for too long, though… Yom Kippur is tomorrow. The Jewish day of atonement. This is when all the guilt built up over the last year finally catches up with us and we cleanse our souls to gear up for the coming year’s neuroses. Up, up, and oy vey!

Here’s a random observation from the open road… The state of Virginia is the capital of crappy personalized license plates. I was on my way to Wiseacre’s and I saw a guy in a truck with the license plate: VOLTRON. When they form the giant robot, this guy is the asshole.

Speaking of Wiseacre’s, tonight’s open mic was a tossed salad of anal-themed material. Be it shit, or anal sex, or opening a bottle with your asshole…the poopshoot was central to tonight’s comedy cavalcade. Crap was the crux. Lot’s of new faces on stage tonight. Apparently, Fredericksburg, VA has been a breeding ground for new comics…tonight they ventured north. Good times.

To be continued…

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