The Secret to Happiness, Wealth, & Whatever Else Dills Your Pickle…

Somewhere within this blog, the truth lies… Kinda like Where’s Waldo?

There are few things in life that make one truly happy. Yesterday, I drove home with a bag of six of those things. What were these magical items?…boxes of Girl Scout Thin Mint cookies. I’m not sure what these fantastic wafers are made of, but I’m pretty sure the secret ingredient is freshly squeezed Girl Scout juice…fresh off the sash…tastes like cinnamon sugar…hang on, I think Dateline NBC is knocking on my window.
My plan for the next week? Devour each sleeve of chocolaty goodness until I shit pure Ande’s Candies. I will be happy…50 pounds heavier…and very happy.

Interested in making money? I suggest song-writing for pop music demos. A friend of mine is a budding pop star. She’s had several meetings with movers and shakers in the record biz. The one thing keeping her from taking things to the next level? A proper demo. Here’s an interesting bit of music trivia…How much do the rights to record a song cost?… Time’s up. $15,000. And there are no guarantees that the song will even be any good. Fifteen Grand. I think, instead of jokes, I’ll devote my creative energies to writing songs…or maybe just jokes that rhyme. How’s this…

I know a guy who plays too much Pac-Man…

He always has the joystick in his hand…

He once played for 24 hours straight…

Even Pac-Man himself was getting irate…

When will you put you your games on the shelf?

You’ve got all those extra lives…

Use one for yourself!

…I’ll take my money in small unmarked bills, Britney.

Finally…some words of wisdom. I didn’t get these off of some inspirational tripe-a-day calendar. This is just a nugget of truth that I’ve dug up and would like to share with you, the loyal reader (I say “reader”, because I’m pretty sure only one person reads this thing).
Here ya go: “Nothing ruins a relationship more than assumption in place of communication.”
Take it however you like. When in doubt…simply talk to the person.
I’m pretty sure if I properly package, repurpose, and rephrase that little tidbit, I can be the next Dr. Phil. Common sense sells like hotcakes…I’ll make a mint.

Mmmmmmmmmm… Minty hotcakes… *drool*

The circle is complete…

To be continued…

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