Showcase Study

Last night’s comedy showcase at Wiseacre’s can be summed up in an IM conversation I had today…
Jared: you missed an odd showcase last night
GComic: really? how so?
Jared: just a strange audience dynamic…they were bi-polar…I was loved and hated in the span of 20 minutes
GComic: wow
Jared: it went a long way to prove the harsh truth of comedy…
Jared: Audiences simply don’t know any better
Jared: they just want to be entertained
Jared: and they will ultimately decide if an unoriginal poorly written joke kills or a well crafted bit fails utterly
Jared: I should write a book

Best line of the night that wasn’t said on stage:
During the grocery list of differences between white people and black people being recited on stage, I turned to say something to Herbie Gill. Before I could say anything, Herbie says, “I can’t talk to you, Jared. We’re too different.”
Ryan Connor’s blog (conveniently linked on your right) will do the description of the evening more justice. I’m just befuddled by what happened. Ryan will be fueled by rage…and pursued by an investigative reporter (Mr. McGee, don’t make him angry. You wouldn’t like him when he’s angry)…sorry…had a Hulk flashback.

It was just a strange audience…they staggered from uproarious laughter to stunned silence, hung a left at unenthusiastic chuckling, and wound up not caring where they were at all. They meant well, but only with an exit interview and a control crowd could we truly know what the hell they were thinking.

Ok…on to a bit I’m trying to develop. I made the mistake of birthing this joke on stage at the showcase. It was chum for sharks of indifference. So let me lay it on you, the blog-reading public, so I can at least pretend someone is laughing at it. Here it goes:
I heard an on the radio for Volvo. The slogan the ad ended with was, “Volvo: Born from jets.” That doesn’t sound plausible. Jets are cool. Perhaps the coolest method of conveyance. Now, imagine if two jets made sweet sweet jet love…Cessna-style. A Volvo would be a jet’s retarded child. It would drool, have one wheel bigger than the other three, and hug too hard.
It needs work. I know this.

Tomorrow night, the League of Dorks assembles to eat Fuddrucker’s and check out Harry Potter and the Ogling of Hermoine. A good time to be had by all…

To be continued…

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