A Big Fat Lot of Nothing

Greetings from beyond the tryptophan haze, loyal reader. I bring news from my weekend. What happened, you ask? Nothing. Nada. Laundry. Zero. Bubkiss. After Thursday, my weekend was a monument to lethargy. A tribute to dormancy. I would’ve been the third victim in Seven. I did abso-shit-ly nothing. My plans fell through on Friday, I was felled by a migraine on Saturday, and Sunday is lazy by design. You realize just how much you like your new apartment when you spend 3 straight days there without stepping outside. I was going a brand of stir crazy not seen outside of Rear Window. It stunk…and, after 3 days, so did I.
I’ve resolved to take a more active role in seeking out activity, rather than sink any deeper into hermitage. So, we’ll see how that goes.

Ok…here’s an interesting bit of news:
Archaeologists excavating the ancient Philistine city of Gath have unearthed a small ceramic fragment inscribed with two names possibly linked to Goliath, the first solid indication that the famous biblical confrontation with David has a historical context.

I’m no theological scholar. I’ve never read the bible. I’m more -ish than Jew. But, c’mon. This is like an archaeologist carbon dating a stick, a straw, and a brick to claim the validity of the Three Little Pigs. Setting aside the outright fiction/morality play element, the beauty of the bible, or any text that engenders faith, is that anything that happened in it happened so long ago that the only evidence of it happening IS THE TEXT ITSELF. It’s what makes quoting scripture to back up intelligent design alot like using Legos to build a tunnel support…either way it won’t hold water.

I went very faux-intellectual there…sorry. I just like to hear myself type. Here’s a pretty picture to look at to cleanse the pallet…

There are 75 band references in this picture…enjoy.

To be continued…

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