Well, December is here. Once again, the year has gone by way too quickly and the scrambling begins for decent New Year’s plans, holiday shopping, and repenting to stave off the possible end of year smiting. 2005 has gone from newborn to grizzled old coot faster than that guy who chose the wrong grail in Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade. How am I kicking off this last dangling hangnail of the year? Laundry. Lack of planning left me with only one pair of clean undies, so tonight I stayed in to fluff and fold to be better prepared to rock and/or roll this weekend.

But, let’s stop looking forward and throw this blog in reverse to take a look back to Wednesday night. A long streak of crappily attended Wiseacre’s Wednesday open-mics was finally broken with a boisterous crowd and a solid line-up of regulars and first-timers. It was refreshing. Like a Sprite commercial.

Hey…here’s a fun website. Use it wisely. Like this:

Create your own…trade with your friends.

As a new homeowner, and poor person, I’d like to publicly endorse the Freezy Pop as the Ramen Noodles of frozen treats. They come in a wide variety of flavors, they never go bad, and they’re a low-cost way to turn your tongue purple. “Tongue” is one of those words that never looks like it’s spelled right…oh well, that’s what spell check is for…spell check and apathy.

News Flash:
CHARLESTON, W. VA.– A mother has been charged with trying to sell her 2-year-old son for $500 so she could buy a stash of OxyContin. Brianna Marie Burns, 23, could get up to five years in prison if convicted. She’s being held on $102,500 bond. The sale of a child was a misdemeanor in West Virginia until 1994, one year after a Charleston woman was convicted of trying to sell her 1-month-old baby to undercover officers for $1,400 so she could buy a mobile home.

First of all…$102,500 bond is ridiculous…don’t the courts realize how many kids her family are going to have to sell to raise that kind of money? Kids don’t grow on trees, y’know. Second, nice to see West Virginia taking a stand and making the sale of a child a more serious transgression than, say, littering… Hey honey, what with the holidays coming up, I figured I’d kill two birds with one stone…I sold Johnny Bob to buy an XBox 360 for Timmy Jo. Git ‘R Done.

To be continued…

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